Rat Traps, Bait & Rodent Removal Cape Town

For the best rodent control in Cape Town, look no further than our exceptional extermination services. When we take on a rodent control project, we approach it comprehensively and provide a thorough solution with a guarantee that your home will be rodent-free by the time we leave.  Our experts start by conducting a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the house to assess the extent of the infestation. Our methods are eco-friendly and we conform to commercial kitchen requirements.

rat traps & bait in cape town

We have the latest state-of-the art equipment and methods of eradicating pests from your home. Whether you have problems with mice in commercial or residential places, you can be sure that our techniques are the best. We never use harmful rat poison that can pose a threat to you and your family. Rather, our regular rodent traps service uses the best rat traps & baits Cape Town wide. We understand the health hazards that pests bring with them and that is why our specialist company works tirelessly to eliminate mice and rats completely without causing harm to your children or pets.

To get the best results, we use a combination of techniques that not only ensure all rodents are eliminated from your home, but also provides a permanent solution to your pest problem. Our professional rodent removal services start with trapping these pests using special equipment. This ensures that all nesting critters have been eliminated completely. We then follow it up with methods such as underground traps that are effective in removing pests in residential areas. In commercial and industrial places, we implement baits which capture many rodents at once. No matter your requirements, just call us whenever you need rat control Cape Town services. We will arrive with the best equipment and ensure that your home is 100% free of pests by the time we leave.