Get Rid of Ants for Good in Cape Town!

There are many species of ants that can cause a nuisance in your home or garden. While some ants may not carry diseases, they will carry other harmful insects and substances to your home. If you have found ants crawling around in your home, you need an effective removal method before they bite your loved ones or carry harmful substances into your home. As experts in ant control in Cape Town, we will arrive equipped with the necessary tools required to exterminate all ants from your home. Our certified professionals offer methods that are safer and targeted to remove specific ants and, needless to say, they are perfectly safe for the environment, your family, and pets.

ant control cape town

When called to eliminate ant problems in Cape Town, our technicians start by inspecting the property thoroughly to determine the severity of the infestation before choosing the most relevant method. Once the extent of the damage has been identified, we proceed to apply the right gels and chemicals at strategic places in order to eliminate the entire colony. The substances we apply can work for an extended time, which means you shouldn’t wipe it off too soon. In addition to application of effective chemicals, we also specialise in ants nest removal. No matter the infestation level, we will ensure that not only all ants are removed, but their habitat is destroyed completely to avoid re-infestation.

All our services are provided in compliance with the health and chemical regulations and rules. You can take advantage of our same-day eradication and emergency treatments that we offer even during holidays and weekends. When you contact us to remove ants in problem areas of your home, you can be sure that the entire process will be carried out by experienced and certified exterminators. Call us anytime of the day or night for 24-hour pest removal and your problems with ants in Cape Town will be a thing of the past.