Microbial Fogging & Fumigation Cape Town

Are you looking for the best anti-microbial fogging in Cape Town? We specialise in fogging hotels, schools, hospitals, residential places, and other establishments. Our experienced experts understand the dangers of microbial fogging and we do our best to protect your family against viruses, moulds, and bacteria. If you want your family or employees to stay safe from dangerous viruses such as meningitis and influenza, don’t hesitate to contact our team of specialist pest controllers. We have been offering these services for over a decade, which makes us one of the most knowledgeable companies when it comes to anti-microbial treatments and pest prevention services.

When you contact us for pest control fogging services Cape Town wide, we shall come equipped with the latest tools and chemicals that destroy microorganisms by damaging their cell membranes and disrupts their ability to grow or distribute. The chemicals we use are not only Eco-friendly, but they also leave your painted walls without any marks or damages. Unlike common methods of that cause allergens and bacteria to spread in the air, our techniques are not harmful to humans or pets.

Our pest fumigation services Cape Town team provides an all-in-one solution that addresses your pest problem effectively. Our techniques encompass all aspects from bio-enzyme preparations which are 100% environmentally friendly to using quality treated microbial fog for pest prevention and cleaning up the area when done. Whether we are filling a room with fine mist or fog, be assured that our chemicals won’t stain fabric, ruin artwork, or ruin electronics. If you are operating an institution, take advantage of our regular service contracts to ensure that these microorganisms don’t make your property their permanent habitat.