Best Deep Cleaning Service in Cape Town

No matter how often you clean your home, there are some places that you will leave out for lacking the right equipment and expertise or for being hidden. These parts might end up accumulating dirt and mould which can cause chronic illnesses to your family or at work. Our deep cleaning services in cape Town specialise in reaching those areas that you avoid until it is necessary – whether it is the inside of an oven, your chimney, vent covers, faucets, garbage cans, and carpets, among others. Our deep cleaning team follows and intensive and heavy-duty cleaning procedures that takes into account every area of your house. No matter the extent of the dirt or the areas you need us to help assist the control of unwanted pests, you can be sure that we will deliver.

deep cleaning cape town

Our technicians are well-versed with the cleaning process and use specialised chemicals to remove dirt and bacteria which may cause unpleasant smells in toilets, basins, showers, baths and kitchen. We know the health risk that bacteria cause in homes and it is our duty to ensure removal of harmful germs & bacteria. We offer specialised window and carpet cleaning for commercial places and we have a talented team that is responsible for each of these aspects of cleaning. All our employees are trained and know all there is to know when it comes to professional deep cleaning Cape Town.

Infestations of ants, flies, rodents, and cockroach problems can be detrimental to your business and may end up causing damage if they aren’t exterminated soon enough. As the leading Cape Town deep cleaning service, we have in place a team that specifically deals in exterminating pests and anti-microbial fogging.  We will deep clean those hidden areas and exterminate all pests that we encounter in your home or business premises. No matter where you are within this region, we shall arrive on time with all our equipment and help you handle whichever issue you may be facing. Get in touch with any day of the week for a free quotation and we will arrange a schedule that suits you best.