Bird Control Services in Cape Town

Birds can not only damage buildings with their droppings, but some species can also transmit various disease. If you are looking for the leading bird control in Cape Town, look no further than our exceptional service. We understand the impact of serious bird infestation and know just how much goes into ensuring that your home or commercial premises is bird proofed. We are available every day of the week to help you out by providing custom solutions to prevent birds from destroying your property and affecting your health or that of your family or employees.

bird proofing in Cape Town

Birds like pigeons and sea gulls are renown for infesting homes and public places, including monuments. These birds can also transmit dangerous diseases such as histoplasmosis and salmonella. If you are experiencing and infestation from any of these birds, contact our pest control team for the best bird & pigeon proofing Cape Town wide, with full deep cleaning on offer to clear up after these troublesome rodents. You can schedule our services to a moment that suits you best or you can request for an emergency technician to help provide an emergency treatment within a short notice.

We can help you with a wide range of prevention services. You can take advantage of our bird prevention netting Cape Town service or book extra services for removal of other pests. We always have a customer care team in hand to speak to you and send over a qualified professional to address whichever issue you may be having. Our services are comprehensive and professional from the moment we begin inspecting your premises to when we determine the right method to handle the pest issue professionally and hygienically. After elimination, we apply prevention methods that help prevent another re-infestation from occurring. Don’t go to those ineffective removal services that will leave you with more issues than before. Simply call us today and get real value for money.