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We were invited to a live interview and a question and answer session by Cape Talk as the issues of pests in Cape Town is very erratic at the moment.  With excess rain and our dam levels higher than they have been in a year, the standard trends of what is expected of pests has been thrown out of sync.  This is a dormant season for roaches yet we are constantly getting enquiries, rodents have had their nests disturbed and with the colder weather are looking to come inside in their droves.  We also have the issue of a lot of fibre cabling be laid in all areas of Cape Town and nests are being disturbed.

I was asked what got me into the industry especially as it is generally a male dominated industry, it’s simple, the service levels in the industry are just not good enough in my opinion and being a woman brings a different angle to the industry.  Pest invasions can be a very sensitive issue as people assume that it is because of the hygiene in their homes and offices is being scrutinised.  With all the variables in Cape Town due to water shortages and restrictions many circumstances are out of our control and is nothing to be embarrassed about, the real issue is if you sense a problem is brewing talk to the professionals and get it sorted before it becomes a major issue.

You can check out the full Podcast on Omny FM or play using the sidebar audio.

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