Residential Pest Control Services in Cape Town

We offer a wide range of services to the residential sector in Cape Town and understand the need for a fast and effective solution when a pest problem arises or deep cleaning is required. Our services are guaranteed to not only remove the pests from your property but also to ensure we apply to correct prevention and preventative methods to ensure they dont come back! Whatever issue you’re facing, dont panic! We can help.

We are expert Pest Exterminators in Cape Town. We take our time to fully evaluate the severity of your issues and construct a solid, straight forward plan of attack using the latest in safe pesticides, fogging techniques, traps, poisons & bait. If you’re looking to combat problematic insect or creepy crawly infestations fast, and eradicate them for good, you need to call in the pros!

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    Industrial & Commercial Pest Control Cape Town

    Solid Hygine solutions offers once off and services rendered by contract for all types of commercial business sectors, office environments, office parks, hospitality, manufacturing warehouses, retail sectors, restaurants and lifestyle estates. Get your pest management in Cape Town under full control by adopting one of our highly recommended and trusted commercial pest control packages.

    Integrated Pest Management

    What is IPM? Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a process of tackling Pest Control in Cape Town using 7 critical steps. Commonly deployed in industrial and commercial sectors, its important that your business has a viable way of ensuring pests and their related hazards stay at bay. This process will help to conform to the highest of standards and government regulations, such as where food is served, prepared or sold, you need to ensure that you keep a clean and safe environment.

    Our 7 Step IPM Cycle


     Preventive Action



     Treatment Selection



    HACCP Solutions and Management Services

    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a systematic prevention application that is designed primarily from a food safety approach and protects such establishments from biological, chemical and physical hazards which may arise during the production or distribution process, which could in turn cause the finished product to be unsafe. Having a customised HACCP procedure in place ensures the necessary measures to reduce or eliminate these risks (for example cockroach infestations) is provided at a safe level, of which IPM management plays a big role. Call and speak with one of our specialists today for further information on how we can assist your commercial business.